Dirty’s Vision

Like every good idea this one was marinated in Bourbon and cooked around a dinner table. “So I read this article in the Washington Post…” Dirty began, “Arm wrestling. Women’s arm wrestling. Leagues are popping up across the country to raise funds for different causes. The best part is, the contestants get to dress up in crazy costumes and parade around with a posse of supporters. Who’s in?”

Who’s in? That seemed to be a rhetorical question. We immediately began reorganizing letters to come up with a catchy acronym. We passed up some beauties- DRAWL, LAWD, and my personal favorite D’LAW. Fortunately, the medically minded people in the room translated the word “arm” to “upper extremity” and we quickly came up with LUEWWD. League of Upper Extremity Wrestling Women of Durham.

Once we had a name the rest seemed easy so we left Shevy’s house and headed to the bar where we could get some strategizing done. Once at Alivia’s we defined our roles: Dirty was the visionary, Shevy was the mastermind of construction, Sara was clearly the philanthropist, Em was handling the media and publicity, I was doing the development work, and Jana (who was there in spirit) was going to help secure a venue. We also started secretly volunteering other friends to either compete or to help out in some way. Shevy started researching dimensions of the arm wrestling table (and championship belt…WWF style), Sara and Em split a Manhattan to get the creative juices flowing, while Dirty and I discussed dates, making sure to consider our group’s annual pilgrimage to Charlotte for the NASCAR race.

By the end of the night we had dates, tasks, next steps, and a list of names to contact (yours may be on it). These details will follow shortly, so be sure to keep checking out the blog.

Get excited. Get involved. More importantly, get ready for some upper extremity wrestling!

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