LUEWWD Names and Website Woes

If the contestants get to make up names, why can’t we? It seems fitting, besides you never know when you’ll have to jump in the ring in a pinch. I wouldn’t dream of doing that without a stage name. So we spent the tail end of our meeting coming up with names for each other. Here are the ones that weren’t too luewwd for the website: Ginger Snapps, Dirty D, Knuck If You Buckeye, Ferocious Hare, Van Diesel, and….I can’t tell you Shevy’s. She’ll reveal it at the next board meeting.

In other news…we are close to confirming the recipient organization. Once we do you’ll be the first to know!

Lastly, the website is a real pain! Dirty D and I can’t seem to figure it out. So if you’re a WordPress guru and you feel embarrassed for us when you look at this website then offer your assistance- gratis of course.

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    1. We feel better about the site now, took a bit of tinkering… however we would greatly appreciate assistance if we run into problems in the future (which is quite likely as we add contestant info)! Thanks, David!

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