Ode to Poe

While it’s true that simple things do amuse us, absolutely amazing things really shine us on.  Take this poster for example. All we really wanted was someone with artistic talents to take a shot at sketching us a logo and maybe even a poster. So the Mountie (see Board Member page, it’s quite a fetching photo of her!) suggested her friend, Poe. Like we always say, any friend of Mountie’s is a friend of LUEWWD.

Fortunately for LUEWWD, Poe is pretty fantastic at what he does. Just in case you needed more proof check out his portfolio at http://nevermorestudios.com. The fact that he’s a local guy feels pretty good too!

So we’re hoping that this flashy poster will not only grab the attention of people with an “I’d pay to see that” attitude about women’s arm wrestling, but that it will also make local businesses jump on the bandwagon to sponsor us.

So if you know someone who’s just sitting on $25, $50 or $100 waiting to give it away, show them this poster.

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