So Much to Tell You

Since the last update we have been very busy beavers (speaking of beavers, please check out for information on the upcoming Beaver Queen Pageant on June 5th). Instead of giving you the play by totally-exciting-play, we’ve broken it down into the following tasty bits of news:

To say that we’re appreciative of all the local businesses that are supporting us would be an understatement. These sponsors have donated space (the James Joyce), gave discounts on T-shirt printing (D and D Engraving), designed our logo and posters (Phunco), custom made our arm wrestling table (Bob Lukasiewicz and Co….he’s not actually local, but he did ship it from Wisconsin), contributed monetary donations (The Beaver Lodge 1504, Athletic Advantage, and the Casbah), and signed on as the event MC and DJ (Maydnew). We even got a generous donation from a well recognized label…Pabst Blue Ribbon (that’s PBR to you). Check out our ‘Sponsors’ page for the complete list!

If you happen to check the site regularly, which we hope you do, you may have noticed that we now have a few pics in the gallery. These were taken during some intense studio hours where we designed and constructed prizes for the three winners. The photos are merely a teaser- you’ll have to wait until June 12th for the real deal.

While we’re quite certain that those on the LUEWWD Board have enough sass and spunk to deliver a few good one-liners, our stamina of wit doesn’t compare to the MC we’ve got lined up for you. The bonus point: she’s from the motherland of women’s arm wrestling (Charlottesville).

Rumor has it that they talked about the fundraiser on Bob and the Showgram (G 105.1) last week (per an email from one of the guys on the show). We still have yet to find the clip but they have invited us to play “The Wheel Of.” You local listeners know just how cool yet disturbing this game is. Check back with us for a date to tune in.

Posters are up in various spots in Durham and keep your eyes peeled for shout outs in local newspapers and website calendars.

We’ve almost got a full line up and their bios are coming in. Check out the ‘Contestant’ page. Board members have heard about costumes, entourages, and theme songs…you all are in for an entertaining night.

Keep spreading the LUEWWD word to friends and family so this can be a successful night for DCRC!!

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