We’re stepping it up- and hope you will too!

There’s something magical that happens every time LUEWWD’s board gets together: we get things done. We actually accomplish quite a lot despite distractible personalities, side bar conversations, and those attention-sucking iPhones.

During the last couple of meetings we managed to create a reasonable project timeline, discussed the logistics of constructing the arm wrestling table, visited the event site (although we do tend to frequent the James Joyce- it still counts), edited the sponsor letter, confirmed our fundraising beneficiary, and met one of the future contestants (a word about this contestant and a tip for the rest of you would-be competitors- what she may lack in physical stature she makes up in creative design and a rock solid entourage. Consider yourself warned!). Most recently, we collectively wrote our Board bios- which was kind of like writing a group paper for school, except it wasn’t annoying. We think our bios are funny and we’re quite certain you’ll chuckle a little bit. You can check them out on the Board Members link.

Now it’s getting closer to crunch time and we know we’ve got to kick it into gear- which is hard to do for a group full of procrastinators. So we need your help! Here’s what we want you to do:

1. Tell your friends, tell your family, post on Facebook, use the Twitter thing- just get the word out
2. Commit to attending- it’s just $5 to get in
3. Consider wrasslin’- we still need 1 more brave soul (or else we have to round out the bracket with
board members…no one wants to see that happen). So if you know of a “lady” who isn’t afraid to
be a little bit silly in public for a very good cause, please encourage her to sign up!
4. Consider the people you know, the connections you have and see if you can squeeze a sponsorship
out of them. In fact, sponsorship is so cheap that your average Joe/Jane can still afford it! Here’s
the deal:
a. $25 gets their name on a table tent
b. $50 gets their name and logo on a poster (the bracket for the event)
c. $100 gets their name and logo on a t-shirt
Donations are due by May 22nd. Remember, all proceeds benefit the Durham Crisis Response Center (http://www.durhamcrisisresponse.org/)!!

If you have questions/comments or want to help out email luewwd@gmail.com.

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    1. Thanks, Ms. Kaferine! We do not have a paypal account thus far, as we’re unsure how to navigate that and get the $ to the DCRC… a check would be the best method of payment I believe- we can supply their Tax ID#.

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