Sizing up the competition

You never know what you might get when you put the call out for women arm wrestlers. But we’re pretty fond of the ladies we wrassled up for this inaugural event. We’re also impressed with the cast of characters (judges, Dj, MC, and the ref) and think you will be too! We had our run through last night at the Joyce and it’s already heating up. We heard a little trash talking (Namely, we heard Pulpo Feroz say she’s going to take all three prizes). We watched as Bama Banger and a couple of others came pretty close to taking down Dirty D (who has only been beaten by dudes) in the practice rounds. While Dirty D is not in the competition this time, the board members did spot a wild card: Monster Cookie. She snuck in at the tail end of the meeting and quietly sized up her competitors while she talked with board member Mountie. We can see some good competitive rivalries heating up between Ze Monsta, Honeymuff Homewrecker, Madame de Mort, the Beastal, and Lena the Lewd (who looks strikingly similar to the Mountie).

We also met up with our esteemed judges who are incredibly busy people but still willing to squeeze us into their schedules so they can impart their arm wrestling wisdom and astute observations. We also saw our very decorated referee showcasing his knowledge of the sport while instructing our LUEWWD ladies on proper form, grip and so on. And we saw the return of our MC and DJ duo whose side bar commentary is sure to leave you in stitches.

We’re also selling out of T shirts like hot cakes (or like temporary tats at a women’s arm wrestling match). So it may be good to make the merch table your first stop when you arrive next weekend.

To say that we’re excited is a bit of an understatement.

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