LUEWWD on Bob and the Showgram!

There may be plenty of people out there who have never heard of LUEWWD and frankly don’t quite understand the concept of costumed women parading through a crowd of hootin’ and hollerin’ fans in order to arm wrestle for a belt made out of plastic and vinyl (although they would be seriously underestimating how cool the belt is). Thanks to Bob and the Showgram, there are less of those people. If you happened to be tuned in this morning (Wednesday, June 2nd) to 105.1 between 8 and 9 you would have heard just a few of the LUEWWD women on the radio: Dirty D, Lena the Lewd, The Mountie and Pulpo Feroz. They wrestled all the men on the show and did a pretty fantastic job despite the obvious discrepancy in size. I can’t tell you what happened but you can see for yourself (Click on the links below the fabulous picture). As you’re watching the clip, see if you can spot a giant octopus in the background. Seriously, you just can’t make this stuff up! If you would rather listen to the show and all of what was left out of the video, click here for the audio of the show. LUEWWD is somewhere around segment 9 or 10. I imagine these links expire at some point, so hurry!  We’ve also added some pictures to our gallery from their webcam.

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