Our First Event

While we had no idea what to expect, we certainly didn’t expect this. The beer garden at the James Joyce was packed with people and it was nearly impossible to move through the crowd. People crowded the DJ tent and others were standing on top of the picnic tables trying to get a view of the women arm wrestling on stage. There was a nurse wielding a giant syringe, an octopus flanked by 7 sea creatures, a growling monster in chains, and some provocatively dressed women (ok, I guess we expected that). The contestants remained in character and the night picked up momentum with every bout. We (the board members) looked on with amazement wondering how this was happening. Just a few hours earlier it downpoured and we had a moment of panic thinking about how to do this INSIDE the Joyce.  We decided it would be better to get rained on than to squeeze inside. After all, we’re not the kind of girls who balk at a little rain.

Watching the enthusiasm of the audience and their willingness to literally lay down $100 just to see two people arm wrestle is a bit surreal. Now we understand why this phenomenon is catching on.

So, we decided to do it again!

This fall you will see LUEWWD return. We’ve learned some things from the first event and LUEWWD II is going to be better! So stay tuned for details!

If you attended the event and have feedback, feel free to email luewwd@gmail.com.

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