LUEWWD: Parading at Pride

We LUEWWD women feel the need to confess a little secret to you all: while we love organizing these events and watching 8 gutsy gals fight for bragging rights and homemade prizes that totally rock, arm wrestling tournaments are simply the means to satisfy our penchant for advocacy. Seriously. This fall we decided to expand our work a little bit and show some solidarity with LGBT community. While we aren’t technically raising funds we are raising awareness (or, more accurately, issuing a reminder to the general public that all you learned in kindergarten about justice, fairness and the bit about people being equal, was actually true regardless of who you happen to fall in love with). So, if you believe in stuff that makes sense come on out and join us in the annual Pride Parade in Durham on Sept 25th. The parade starts at 1:00 but there are lots of festivities throughout the day. 

LUEWWD board members, arm wrestlers and others will be joining Maydnew at the Casbah immediately following the parade for drink specials at 2:00, tea dance at 4:00 and retro night in the evening. Remember that the Casbah is a private club so you’ll need to be a member to get in (this will take about 2 minutes and a $5 fee paid to the very friendly gal at the door, so don’t worry!). Check out Maydnew’s facebook page and the Casbah website for more details!

For those of you who think advocacy=Debbie Downer and prefer to think of LUEWWD as just a bunch of brazen women arm wrestlers in costumes, don’t feel left out. Just continue to come to the tournaments, pay your entry fee, cheer, and vote for your favorite contestant. We’ll catch up with you on Oct 16th.

We’ll see the rest of you on Sept 25th!

Stay tuned for more details about LUEWWD II coming up in less than a month!!!!

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