LUEWWD V – Ghouls Gone Wild

I can’t believe LUEWWD is hosting its fifth event and it’s just days away.

Here’s the lowdown on all things ghoulish and LUEWWD.

First, you’re getting us on the cheap this time.  Unlike previous LUEWWD events, there is no membership fee required. Your entry fee of $5 (cash) will go directly to our charity.

We’re also trying out a new VIP section. For $30 you get a guaranteed seat at the stage, a LUEWWD poster, a cocktail waitress to fight through the crowd to bring you a drink, and the envy of a bar full of people who wished they had a seat and a cocktail waitress.

You may remember that people were turned away at the door at LUEWWD IV because we reached capacity. Don’t let that happen to you. Go to to get your tickets (regular or VIP) in advance.

The Cookery has organized a Ghoulish Dinner complete with three fabulous food trucks: Chirba Chirba Dumpling, Triangle Raw
, and Honey of a Handcake. They’ll start serving at 7:00 so grab a bite to eat before the event begins!

We’ll be selling Natty Greene’s cups for $1. Not only do you get a cup, you get $1 off of Natty Greene’s pints all night long.

Perhaps the most exciting news I can give is that LUEWWD T-shirts are back! This time they’re upcycled, individually hand crafted shirts
that were made by board members and faithful volunteers. You can feel great about these T-shirts knowing that no two people will have the same t-shirt and they were sprung from local thrift stores and thus upcycled (which is a great way of saying gently used and laundered). T-shirts will be sold for $10- which really is quite the steal. We only have a limited number so you’ll want to be sure to make the merch table your first stop.

Lastly, we want to remind you this is a fundraiser, bring cash. You’ll need it to vote for your favorite contestant, arm wrestle your friends and bribe the judges.  Plus you don’t want to miss out on the limited edition one of a kind LUEWWD t-shirts. We’re excited to see you all at LUEWWD V. Remember to get your tickets now!

(Photos in this post were taken by Megan Morr.)

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