Game Changer: A Community Partner Update


Thank you to Schoolhouse of Wonder for sharing this update!

On March 24th of 2012, Schoolhouse of Wonder was honored to participate in a LUEWWD event to raise scholarship money for young girls who would not otherwise be able to attend camp.  Aside from being an incredible gift to many young people, it was a great time.

The scholarship money LUEWWD raised at last year’s event was a game changer for Schoolhouse of Wonder.  We were not only able to offer scholarship opportunities to deserving children on a new scale, but the experience also inspired our entire organization to further action.

After the event, we asked the teachers at one of our neighborhood schools, Holt Elementary, to identify young women with true leadership inclinations.  We  hoped to find a group of girls in whom we could continue to nurture the desire to benefit not just themselves but also those around them.  We could not have imagined how well this group of young people would fit that description.

These girls were incredible, joining our camp community with grace, happiness, and enthusiasm. Every single one was truly a young leader of merit, sharing freely both their strengths and their weaknesses.

Our favorite story from this experience began at river playtime.  A group of children were playing in the wading pool, an area of the river about waist deep, and a couple of the kids had brought goggles and were “swimming” back and forth looking at the bottom. The children all began talking about how much they enjoyed swimming.

We watched with deep respect as one of our scholarship girls looked directly at a group of her peers and said, “I don’t know how to swim.” This admission in and of itself was incredibly brave and humble, but she followed it up by asking, “Would you teach me?”

The story of this moment spread through our whole staff. When faced with such courage, mustered by a child, we all must reassess our own strength of character, and that is an incredible gift.

This year, Schoolhouse of Wonder has pledged to raise enough money to offer 100 camp scholarships.  We simply can’t stop now.  Keep up with the great things happening at


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