Raising a Roof: A Community Partner Update

Thank you to the DCRC staff for providing this update. And, to supporters of LUEWWD, thanks for helping DCRC with your donations at SuperCLAW.

As the only agency in Durham that serves and advocates solely for survivors of domestic and sexual violence, Durham Crisis Response Center (DCRC) often finds that its needs easily outpace its capacity. With that said, community collaboration and support has been crucial to the ongoing success of the agency and its mission. The partnership with the League of Upper Extremity Wrestling Women of Durham (LUEWWD) is a key of example of how community support (and a fun event) can make a huge difference in accomplishing the goals of an organization.

The alliance between DCRC and LUEWWD was in response to the repair work the agency needed on the dilapidated roof of the main office. The high cost of maintenance combined with limited resources and funds, made the task of repairing the office roof impossible for DCRC to handle on its own.

Thanks to the extraordinary people at LUEWWD and their generous donations from their SuperCLAW event on June 16, 2012, DCRC was able to make the much needed repairs to the roof.

SuperCLAW, held at the Fullsteam Brewery, was nothing short of entertaining and innovative. The audience enjoyed a competitive arm wrestling championship and participated in a raffle and auction to raise funds for DCRC. The folks at Fullsteam also donated a dollar for every pint sold at the event.

Most of the services we offer at DCRC are held in our main office. Without a safe and functional work environment we would not be able to offer counseling sessions, group therapy sessions, community meetings and events, educational trainings and workshops, and the like.

With a newly repaired roof, DCRC can now continue its mission of ending domestic and sexual violence through advocacy, education, support and prevention.

LUEWWD gives fortitude and empowerment a new meaning. To see strong women having fun, while impacting their community is inspiring. At DCRC, we serve many women who have been marginalized and degraded, and to collaborate with an organization that celebrates strong women was a perfect match.

Here are some photos of our renovated roof:

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