We promised to give you an additional look at the positive role LUEWWD VIII’s beneficiary organizations, Liberty Arts and the Scrap Exchange, play in the Durham community.

LUEWWD thanks artist and Liberty Arts board member Renee Leverty for describing her delightful and enriching experience with Y.E. Smith Elementary students. Leverty and colleague Mike Waller created a wireframe armature of the school’s mascot, a tiger (hence the “rawr” above), in a style inspired by Alexander Calder. All photos included below were taken by Duke Photography, and were initially posted through the Nasher Museum blogs. It seems like it was an inspiring day!

We hope to see you readers at LUEWWD VIII: Industrial Strength on Saturday, April 20th  — help us help other budding artists discover their true creative talents. Every $100 dollars you raise will cover one scholarship for a workshop at Liberty Arts and every $55 you raise will provide one scholarship for a class at the Scrap Exchange.

More from Renee below…



“Working on the collaborative project for YE Smith Elementary in East Durham was incredibly rewarding.

Many groups came together to make this project successful, including the staff and faculty at the school, and Mike Waller, a colleague at Liberty Arts.

We brought the large metal 3 dimensional frame of a tiger to the school in the morning, and placed it near the entrance.


My goal was that each child at the school had the opportunity to be a hands-on participant in the project.

Classrooms of kids would be ushered out to the tiger. After I introduced myself, I would ask, ‘Who here is an artist?’  I noticed in the younger classes most of the kids would raise their hands, and jump up and down – they were all artists!

Yet as I would ask the older kids in the 5th grade, it changed. Fewer kids identified themselves at artists. I would say, ‘You are all artists! You all make beautiful things every day and now together we are going to create this sculpture for your school.’


The Scrap Exchange had generously donated items for us to place on the tiger, keys, slides, bottle caps, and little tubes that could hold notes. I watched a little girl write on a piece of note paper, ‘I love tiger.’ She then put it in the tube, and hung it on the frame. Another little girl put the heart sticker near the tiger’s nose. I think these young girls loved what the tiger meant, a group coming together to create something special.”


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  1. What an incredible “give back” art piece, Renee! You are a beautiful and giving artist with a heart BIGGER than this tiger sculpture! I applaud you and your colleague for the wonderful project which has and will inspire these children every day… Congratulations and God Bless!!
    Love it and love you Renee! Nancy

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