LUEWWD X Delivered $9,000+ to Durham Connects!

Every Sunday following a LUEWWD event, the organizers and other LUEWWD family members gather in the morning to clean up the venue, piece together the night before, and then relive the event highlights over brunch. Needless to say, as we sipped our mimosas and bloody marys at Alivia’s this past Sunday, there were plenty of moments of unstoppable laughter and lots of talk about what a fun and successful night it was. Thank you to everyone who made it happen! Pictures are just a click away!


And if we polled LUEWWD fans and asked what images will forever be burned in their collective memory from LUEWWD X: We Deliver!, we’re pretty sure they’d say the same things we did. Here are a few:

  •  The bedazzled baby bottle brassiere donned by emcee Marilyn Manho and her glittered diaper skirt that she sold for a donation of $200
  •  The awkward gesticulations of It’s Pat who was flanked by iconic Saturday Night Live characters
  •  The moment when Lady Arm-A-Geddon dropped to her knee to present her husband with her heart (literally, the rubber bloodied heart around her neck) to show her appreciation for the $500 donation he made to support her in honor of their wedding anniversary (ladies and gentleman, eat your hearts out)
  •  The tousled armpit hairs of La French Wrestle-lution as she rode in on the shoulders of her entourage members and strutted her stuff on stage
  •  The stiletto-booted Belle Dominique Tryst whipping her caged entourage with her cat o’nine tails
  •  The menacing Inmate 27701 in her orange jumpsuit glaring at opponents and showing off her “guns” all the while under the watchful eye of Officer Fur Pelton John
  • Death Knight donning chainmail and slaying dragons on the stage
  •  Referee Sassy McKlassy calling the shots at the table and not bending to the pressure from Inmate 27701’s legal counsel
  • “Doc” from Sponsor Triangle Brewing Co. raising funds from the crowd to match his pledge toward an open table match between brewer Vicky and two-time former contestant LeeAnn
  •  The $100 donation to see the Baby Hands wrestle a hand puppet beaver
  •  The thrashing about of Heavy Metal Mama and her head-banging entourage
  • Sponsor MAYDNEW keeping it fresh for the many, many, many dance-offs that kept being selected by the Stalemate Wheel
  •  The time when judge Robert Bland announced that fellow judge Kaferine de Nerve (of the Beaver Queen Pageant) wanted the crowd to stuff her beaver with dollars (referring, of course, to her hand puppet beaver named Pat)
  •  Judge Really Ruby awarding the beneficiary contestant representative, Jolly Gestational Giant, an enormous check for the Madame Moneymaker award

If you were there, you will remember these moments (and others that are literally too lewd report). If you weren’t there, close your eyes and imagine these antics and then imagine yourself in the first row sitting next to the three-time LUEWWD Champion Monster Cookie, taking it all in, and watching wadded-up bills fall at the feet of Lady Trauma who sometimes taunted the crowd for more.

LUEWWD X will go down in the history books as the first one in which half of the wrestlers were in the four-figure club, each raising more than $1,000.

And our volunteers played a substantial role in the fundraising success, as well, by presenting several creative and convenient ways for the audience to part with their dollars, and providing an organized and safe environment in which to do that. A special thanks goes out to volunteers who were willing to jump in whenever and wherever we needed to keep things rolling smoothly.

After all was said and done, It’s Pat took home the LUEWWD Championship belt, Belle Dominique Tryst clinched the Durham Diva award (best costume and entourage), and Jolly Gestational Giant was awarded Madame Moneymaker for raising the most funds for Durham Connects. And we can’t overlook our Queen of the Losers Heavy Metal Mama who donned a special handcrafted adult-sized baby bonnet and a baby bottle wand.

Most importantly, LUEWWD and Durham raised $9,101 for Durham Connects, bringing the total amount raised from LUEWWD events to $59,427!!

Stay tuned for a post announcing the date for the Fall LUEWWD event.


Contestant fundraising totals

Jolly Gestational Giant: $2,218

Inmate 27701: $1,648

Lady Arm-A-Geddon: $1,630

It’s Pat: $1,020

Heavy Metal Mama: $353

Death Knight: $293

Belle Dominique Tryst: $221

La French Wrestle-lution: $217


Event Sponsors

Social Games and Brews

Triangle Brewing Co.

MAYDNEW DJ and Event Planning


El Dorado (Sponsoring contestant It’s Pat!)

Parker & Otis (Sponsoring contestant Jolly Gestational Giant!)


Rock’s Barbershop 


Sponsorship-level contributions from local businesses arriving the night of the event included donations from Carolina Outreach and Hamilton Hill

And thank you to raffle prize donors Burning Coal Theatre Company for donating two season tickets for three shows in its 2014/15 season and to Fitness World for donating a one-month membership.

Also, another big thank you to Liberty Arts (especially Lupa!) for sharing their stage platforms with us and helping us get them ready for the event space and to Mike “Captain Redbeard” Minervini for being the official photographer for LUEWWD X.