Karaoke Machine? Paddle Boats? Smores?


Every dollar you contribute to QORDS via LUEWWD XII: Express Yourself goes far! Check out the list below…

Bring cash to the April 25th event to spend on a bunch of entertaining things or donate online ahead of the event! Oh, did we mention that emcee Marilyn Manho will be on stage again (this is her last LUEWWD hosting gig — MAJOR SAD FACE) and that special guest Vivica C. Coxx will be performing? This is gonna be amazing!!

Thank you!

 $650-sends a youth to camp for the week

$325- sends a youth to camp for half the week

$315-transports the youth from the campground to the music venue for their performance

$270-feeds a youth at camp the whole week

$70-pays for a karaoke machine for use at camp

$45- feeds a youth at camp for one day

$30- pays for one microphone for band practice

$30-pays for Dr. Drum beat-maker download for hip hop tracks

$20-pays for make-up, nail polish, and glitter for one camper

$15-covers the cost of craft supplies for one youth at camp

 $15-rents a paddleboat for one youth at camp

 $15- buys a pack of CDs to record camper songs at the end of the week

 $10-pays for a pair of drumsticks for one youth

 $10-pays for Smores at the campfire for one youth during camp

 $5- pays for a journal for a youth to write in at camp

 $5- buys a pack of guitar strings for one camper

Poster graphic courtesy of qords.org