Open Table Wrestling at LUEWWD XIII

If you’ve been to an event then you know our version of the 7th inning stretch is to showcase the might of our loyal audience by opening up the table to you all. We’re doing this a little differently this time. We’ve got 5 open table slots this time and they will be reserved for the highest bidders. You can reserve your spot in one of two ways:

1. Making a $100 donation on the online fundraising page prior to the event will guarantee you a slot (be sure to indicate “for open table” as the Name/Department)

Online fundraising page:

2. Wait until the night of the event…this one is for you if you are a risk taker…any available slots will go to the highest bidders

So get ready to challenge your friends, and remember we are always about safety first. Prior to getting up on stage each individual signed up will go through a brief training on how to arm wrestle!

Keep in mind that all of the rules that govern our contestants’ bouts will be applied to yours…which means you may need to brush up on your hula hooping, thumb wrestling, dancing, and lip-syncing in case you find yourself in a stalemate. But, you can always bribe the judges with a little green to help determine the outcome.