A few days away from LUEWWD XIII!

With just a few days to go before LUEWWD XIII: Rocky Horror LUEWWD Show which is benefiting Cribs for Kids Durham, here are some helpful tips and things we need you to know about the event…

Do check out the maps included here to show you how to get to Triangle Brewing Co and also where to park. When you get closer, look for signs and parking assistants to direct you. If there is a “no parking” sign by a tempting spot, do not park there!! Carpooling or cab/Uber/Lyfting is encouraged!

Triangle big map

triangle parking map

Do be prepared to have an awesome time in an environment that is welcoming to all.

Do be sure to get there early – we will be taking the stage right at 9:00 and you don’t want to be stuck in line when the action begins. Doors open at 8:00.

Do bring cash – this will cover your $5 admission fee, drinks, and any donations you want to make at the event.

Speaking of donations, do be ready for lots of people asking you for money – they may even give you something in return if you’re lucky.

Do feel free to dress in costume – let your inner Rocky Horror character out…and if you do, be prepared that we may ask you to come on stage and do the time warp with us

Do be aware that we are planning to have this as an outdoor event – dress appropriately in what you will feel comfortable in. We’ll update you if plans change but you should probably dress in layers anyway (what is up with the October weather?!).

Don’t bring chairs – this is going to be standing room only event, and besides you won’t see over everyone else around you if you try to sit

Don’t bring the props that you would usually take to Rocky Horror Picture Show screening…rice, toast, water guns, candles, etc. Believe us, there will be plenty of other fun going on!

Definitely don’t bring your judgey hat or your crabby pants. 😉

And the most important…Don’t bring outside alcohol – the location is not a traditional bar, but treat it as such. Triangle will be providing us with their delicious beer, we will have wine, and water for those not drinking alcohol

If we missed anything and you have questions, let us know. You can email info@luewwd.com. We can’t wait to see you all Saturday!