Meet young writer and brand new college student Natasha

Meet Natasha, get to know Partners for Youth Opportunity (PYO), and raise funds for PYO on October 15th at LUEWWD XIV: Double O LUEWWD, ladies’ arm-wrestling tournament for charity.


Writing my own happy ending

Additional thoughts from PYO Executive Director Julie Wells: “Natasha just headed off for college this week, texting staff the whole way. Her family rented a van to drive her to Wells College, where the PYO college counselor helped to secure financial aid and scholarships to help offset the cost of going to an out-of-state institution. Natasha wrote for the Durham VOICE for two years and this past summer interned at WUNC, reporting for Youth Voices radio.

I am really struck by this last editorial she wrote for the paper and the fact that she is experiencing this transition into to college with her family, stopping in DC along the way to see the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial for the first time…”

Proceeds from LUEWWD XIV will help PYO expand one of its core programs Girls Empowerment Project which covers cultural programming, leadership development opportunities and scholarships for girls. In addition to PYO’s client group being 65% girls, 62% of PYO families are led by single mothers. Often the involvement of one girl in the program leads to the involvement of a younger sibling or female cousins. PYO’s programming has a multigenerational impact on poverty and increases opportunity to level the playing field for many girls in Durham. YEAH!