Call for Contestants! We Want You!

(So…this event happened already and it was a ton of fun! Click here for more.)


Have you been thinking about ways to meet cool people in Durham?

Do you secretly wish that Halloween was more than once a year so you can find another reason to dress in costume?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk in Sylvester Stallone’s footsteps in “Over the Top”? (sorry, we can’t make that dream come totally true… “over the top” is an illegal move in arm-wrestling… we could photoshop you into a supercool monster truck!)

Do you want to be a multi-tasking wizard by simultaneously raising funds for your community and having a ton of fun with your friends?

Here’s a key question: Are you free on October 14, 2017?

LUEWWD XV (yes, 15) is coming up and we are looking for new contestants! This means that you (yes, YOU!) would put on a costume, hop on the stage, and arm wrestle to benefit a local nonprofit. And you get to pick four of your friends to be your official entourage. It’s that easy!

Absolutely NO EXPERIENCE is necessary. We’ll get more details to you if you’re interested. And you could check out our FAQs too.

Please contact us at

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