Help Keep Durham LUEWWD

Hello LUEWWD friends and family! We’ve got some impressive updates…and a special request.

Let’s do the updates first…

We are excited to share that since our inception in February of 2010 and our first event that June, the League of Upper Extremity Wrestling Women of Durham (LUEWWD) has raised more than $100,000 for organizations that support Durham’s women and girls. Here are some stats:

  • We’ve hosted 22 events (15 arm wrestling tournaments and seven other types of fundraisers, such as LUEWWDstache beard and mustache competitions, Bloodsport, and LUEWWD Olympics)
  • By hosting those events, we’ve been able to donate money and supplies to 22 Durham organizations
  • Nine different venues have welcomed us:  the James Joyce Irish Pub (our first!), the Casbah, Social Games & Brews, Bull McCabe’s Irish Pub, Liberty Arts, Triangle Brewing Co., the Pinhook, the bar durham, and Motorco
  • 75 businesses have sponsored our events, totaling more than $14,000 in financial contributions and thousands and thousands in in-kind donations
  • More than 100 wrestlers have taken the stage accompanied by over 400 of their costumed entourage members
  • Over 160 people (including most of the Eno River Women’s Rugby Team) have volunteered to work the door, sling merch, serve drinks and wrangle wrestlers.
  • For those of you who don’t know, every LUEWWD event pays it forward to the next event. That is, $500 from each event is withheld from the proceeds in order to pay for the next event and the LUEWWD organization does not keep a single dollar. Not one dollar. LUEWWD’s only source of income is the t-shirts, pins, and socks we make and sell.

Say no more? Here’s the link to contribute to LUEWWD’s efforts.

milestone poe-sters

Although the founding members (Diana Barden, Jana Bradley, Kristin Lukasiewicz, Tonya Van Deinse, Sara Venables, Emily Williams) can take credit for birthing the league in Durham, these efforts have been continued through the leadership of its current organizing group (May Alexander, Jana Bradley, Kristin Lukasiewicz, LisaCaitlin Perri, Tonya Van Deinse), the stage personalities (Lori Glenn, Ray Lingle, Rebecca Payne and Ashley Trama; fun fact: all of these folks have been competitors in the Beaver Queen Pageant), our long term judge Robert Bland, and the latest planner extraordinaire Dawn Bland.

Now, here is the request. We are looking to raise $4,190 to cover expenses that will help maintain – and grow – our organization over the next two years. After nearly eight years of doing this work, we’ve got some things to repair and upgrade, as well as other basic necessities to cover, and we would have to sell about 1,000 pairs of socks to afford these. We intend to donate any unused funds to an organization in Durham (to be determined).

To reach this amount, will you contribute $5 or $10? Maybe our rich friends could give $20? Please keep in mind that your contribution to LUEWWD is not tax deductible.

So, if you like what we do and/or are connected to an organization that received funds from LUEWWD – please contribute to what is really a pretty darn good return on investment.

If you’ve got questions about what we do, email us at, or follow us on Facebook (@luewwd) and/or Twitter (@luewwd). #fillourbox #stayLUEWWD #keepDurhamLUEWWD


Long Story Short: The ladies of LUEWWD from Open Eye Creative on Vimeo.