Partnering with Eno River Women’s Rugby Team for LUEWWD XVI

Here’s a fun fact: LUEWWD has raised $101,399 since we started hosting theatrical and competitive women’s arm wrestling fundraisers. Here’s another fun fact: the Eno River Women’s Rugby team helped raise every single one of those dollars. We’ve had a strong relationship with the rugby team since the very first event – which is not surprising given that all six of the founding members from 2010 had played for Eno River Women’s Rugby. Event after event, LUEWWD calls on Eno River Women’s Rugby to volunteer, provide a contestant, move stages, show up to events, and to help with any other last minute emergencies. Eno River Women’s Rugby delivers every time.


And LUEWWD isn’t the only organization they support. Over the years, the team has focused on volunteering and fundraising for local organizations. Most notably, they’ve worked with Habitat for Humanity, Food Bank of Eastern NC, Keeping Durham Beautiful, the Coalition to Unchain Dogs (now Beyond Fences), the Merritt Pitbull Foundation, and the Compass Center for Women and Families, and were co-hosts for Sporting Diapers (a drive to restock the diaper bank) and Bloodsport I (a pad and tampon drive). Each year they take on a new volunteer project and this year, they are focusing on Durham inner city youth.

Youth rugby leagues have been popping up across the nation – and in the Triangle – and Eno River Women’s Rugby would like to host a few clinics/camps for Durham youth. So for LUEWWD XVI, we are going to help raise funds to support the work of the Eno River Women’s Rugby team, including the youth rugby skills clinics and scholarships for women who are interested in playing rugby but who may not have the money for equipment and registration.


LUEWWD is excited to give back to this non-profit on August 4th (LUEWWD XVI: 16 LUEWWD Candles) not just because we think hosting rugby skills clinics for Durham girls is a fantastic idea but we also want to recognize the work the team has done to raise money and collect supplies for Durham organizations.


In case you’re interested, here are a few ruggers that have taken the stage over the years: Bama Banger, Splint-Her-Face, the Ringmaster, Senorita Smack-man, Inga Foesmasher, Sedusa, Oompa the Oompa Loompa, Sporty Spartan, Steel Magnolia, Betty Rumble, Sabrina Zero, Old McDominatrix, Belle Dominique Tryst, Slammicka Patrick, Dora the Destroyer, Angela Slamsbury, Wilma Wonka, Smurf the Savage, Nadia Victori, Snow White and the Savage Dwarves, Scooby Doom…and probably more.