As you might imagine people have lots of questions about women’s arm wrestling. So we’ve made a list here to share with you. If this doesn’t satisfy your curiosity feel free to email us at luewwd@gmail.com.

How do I get to be a contestant?

Your first step is to contact  luewwd@gmail.com. From there you will work on your character/persona, come up with a name, write a brief bio, pick an entrance song, and send us a picture. We are always available to help brainstorm so be sure to ask if you’re having a hard time coming up with something.  Then, you start fundraising for the nonprofit partner! Additionally, there is a $10 entry fee to secure your spot that gets donated to the community partner.

What if I get caught up in the moment and want to arm wrestle at the event?

At nearly every LUEWWD event we save some time for ‘open table’ bouts. This is where a crowd member can pay to wrestle or even pay to see 2 other people wrestle. We certainly encourage this!

How can I help out LUEWWD in other ways?

Depends on your talents! Volunteers can help with press/media, website design, recruiting contestants, finding sponsors, and much more! We also need help on the night of the event.

How do you choose the nonprofit partner?

We look for nonprofits that benefit women and girls in the Durham community. Once we have a few suggestions we research, discuss and vote. We’re always looking for new partners so if you have ideas please let us know by emailing luewwd@gmail.com! If the organization has a website and/or you know of a contact person, please include this info in your email. Click here for the Nonprofit Partner Application if you are ready to get started!

Do the event organizers get paid?

No, all event organizers and owners of LUEWWD, LLC donate their time and energy to LUEWWD. Any expenses incurred during the process are reimbursed with LUEWWD funds before a check is given to the nonprofit community partner.

What if I want to be a contestant but I’m not that strong and don’t know how to arm wrestle?

You do not need to be strong or have any experience arm wrestling. It’s more about the fundraising and pageantry than flexing muscle. If you if you identify as a woman, femme, or non-binary individual and are over the age of 21 you qualify. We have a mandatory contestant meeting prior to every LUEWWD event to go over the rules, mechanics and safety precautions.

I know this is a fundraiser but do I win anything?

You most certainly do! Other than the natural prizes of glory and pride we hand-make prizes for best costume (Durham Diva), tournament champion, queen of the losers, and top fundraiser (Madame Moneymaker).

Will there be any drink specials?

There usually are some promotions at LUEWWD events and it depends on our drink sponsor.

I’m an entourage member, shouldn’t I get in for free?

No, sorry. If you think about it…there are 32 entourage members at 5 bucks a pop. That means the beneficiary would lose $160 in donations. $5 bucks is not a lot of money for you, but 160 bucks can mean a lot to Durham non-profits!

Can I bring my kids?

LUEWWD is a supporter of kids but the LUEWWD events themselves are not kid-friendly. This is definitely an adult event with adult activities that can include consumption of alcohol, swearing, suggestive language or behavior.  It’s a night to leave the little ones at home! 21+ are welcome.

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