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Yep, You Nailed It!

Thank you to everyone who attended LUEWWD IX: Nailin’ It! Between pre-event fundraising efforts and on- and-off-stage shenanigans that happened on September 7th, $10,132 was raised toward Habitat for Humanity of Durham’s 2013 Women Build.  

This total breaks our record for most funds raised at a single event.

Champion: Monster Cookie


Madame Moneymaker: Reba the Wrench


Durham Diva: GuilloTINA


Queen of the Losers: Rocky Scissher




Individual Contestant Fundraising Totals:

Reba the Wrench: $2,943

GuilloTINA: $1,491

Work It Out Barbie: $1,108

Pigeon “Daddy Issues” McGina: $778

Rocky Scisshers: $610

Old MacDominatrix: $283

Monster Cookies: $269

Subrina Zero: $54


The Stage Crew: Hostess Marilyn Manho, Ref Sassy McKlassy, and Stage Bouncer Lady Trauma

The Judges: Deanna “Demo D” Crossman (representing Habitat for Humanity of Durham), Jeff Polish (The Monti) and Robert Bland

The Volunteers, The event volunteers did everything from letting you into the main event and testing your luck with raffle ticket sales to counting your incredible donations and serving you drinks.

Sponsors and Donors

Sam Adams/Boston Beer Company

The Casbah

MAYDNEW DJ and Event Planning




Rock Paper Scissors Salon and Gallery (sponsored Rocky Scissher)


Yep Roc Records (raffle prize of 10 CDs!)

Maggiano’s ($25 gift card for raffle)

Photographers BJ Council and Megan Morr donated their time and talent, as well!

MORE PICTURES HERE! (you might have to “Like” us on Facebook to view them)

Turning a negative into a positive

Thanks again to Habitat for Humanity of Durham for sharing a wonderful story from one of their special build projects. Habitat has been a great partner in getting ready for the upcoming LUEWWD IX: Nailin’ It! charity fundraiser on September 7th.

[This article was initially published in The Durham Herald on May 5, 2013.]

The walls stand firm, and soon the roof trusses will be nailed in place on Habitat for Humanity’s “Pink Ribbon Build” house on E. Ellerbee Street.

Covering many of the 2x4s that frame the house are tributes written in multi-colored ink, giving honor to loved ones who have battled breast cancer and survived, and remembering others who have gone. Amid the sound of hammers pounding away is a sense of peace as you read the names, the words of love, the expressions of gratitude.

Working faithfully alongside the many energetic volunteers and the Habitat construction staff is Margare Allen, the future homeowner of this house. Allen is a breast cancer survivor herself, and together with members of her family, will be on site every Saturday and every Thursday, with hammer in hand, until the completion of her home in late August.


The inspiration for this special project came when Margaret Rubiera, a longtime Habitat volunteer, went to the Duke Cancer Center after receiving the diagnosis of breast cancer. She was deeply moved by the warmth, compassion and kindness of the caregivers – the nurses, lab techs, and assistants – who immediately put her at ease. She decided at that moment to raise the $50,000 sponsorship and build a Habitat house as a way of saying “thank you.”

Rubiera states that this house is a way for many people to express similar gratitude. “By giving of ourselves and doing something tangible for someone else, we turn a negative into a positive. Not only will Margare’s family benefit from the opportunity to own a beautiful home, but the entire neighborhood will be a better place because this wonderful new family will be moving in.”



LUEWWD IX: Nailin’ It! is on its way…what can YOU do to get ready?

Preliminary total of $9,484 raised at LUEWWD IX: Nailin’ It! So close to Habitat’s goal of raising $10,000 toward the 2013 Women Build from this event. Let’s get them to the goal!


BUY TICKETS!          VOLUNTEER!          DONATE!          RSVP!

LUEWWD IX: Nailin’ It! is taking place on Saturday, September 7, 2013, at Casbah (1007 W Main St, Durham).

The doors officially open at 7:30pm but we’ll be ready for you at 6:30pm in the Casbah parking lot with pre-game activities, featuring Liv’s food truck and Locopops, cornhole, and Sam Adams products. General admission costs $5 (buy online or at the door) and VIP tickets cost $25  (seats right by the stage that come with personal bar service; UPDATE: VIP tickets are SOLD OUT). The main event begins at 9:00pm. Contestants will be vying for titles of LUEWWD Champion, Durham Diva, Madame Moneymaker and Queen of the Losers (which comes with a cool prize, too).  The after party will be hosted at James Joyce and will make a contribution to the beneficiary.


What should you do to prepare for this event? (P.S. We love overachievers!)

  • CONGRATULATE YOURSELF. Sounds like you’ve already made the commitment to be a part of LUEWWD IX and that means you’re awesome
  • TELL YOUR FRIENDS about LUEWWD IX: Nailin’ It!: 18+ is the rule but younger folks can join us if they are accompanied by an adult
  • BUY TICKET(S): in advance or at the door (general admission $5)
  • BRING CASH! Save up your dollars for raffle tickets, contestant “voting,” open table match-ups, and bribes for the judges
  • HAVE DINNER WITH US before the event starts: Liv’s food truck and Locopops will be there, ready to serve at 6:30!
  • BE BOLD: Strengthen your arm muscles to challenge new and old friends during Open Table wrestling
  • STICK AROUND for the after-party shindig at James Joyce
  • DONATE, of course!
  • (CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU THERE! We’ll have a great time!)


The contestant bracket is full! We’ve got Guillo Tina, Monster Cookie, Old MacDominatrix, Pigeon “daddy issues” McGina, Reba the Wrench, Rocky Scissher, Subrina Zero, Work It Out Barbie. Some of these fierce competitors have online fundraising pages set up for the event. If you want to build up your favorite contestant’s fundraising momentum before the event, go for it!

The contestant who raises the most funds between now and the end of LUEWWD IX’s main event will win the Madame Moneymaker title!


We are so grateful to our returning sponsors for LUEWWD IX: Boston Beer Company, Casbah, MAYDNEW DJ and Event Planning, and Phunco. Rock Paper Scissors Salon and Gallery is sponsoring Rocky Scissher. We are also receiving support from Active Edge Fitness and Performance.


Who is the beneficiary? Funds raised will go toward Habitat for Humanity of Durham’s 2013 Women Build. The Women Build program empowers women to better their community and be leaders on the construction site by building a home in partnership with a hardworking family. The groundbreaking date for the 2013 Women Build will be set soon (likely September), and the home will be built on Lutz Lane in a small Habitat community in east Durham.



Looking for (more than) a few good volunteers! We extend a warm welcome to anyone interested in helping us host these events; they simply couldn’t happen without our fantastic volunteers. Volunteer jobs include: admission, human/walking ATM, contestant round-up, bar service, merchandise and raffle ticket sales, and more. What would you like to do at LUEWWD IX?

LUEWWD - Industrial Strength (4/20/13)


Have any questions? Want to know more about LUEWWD or the 2013 Women Build? Contact us and we’ll get you the answers you need.

Call for LUEWWD IX Contestants, Sponsors, Volunteers

LUEWWD IX: Nailin’ It! is set for Saturday, September 7, 2013, at Casbah. We look forward to seeing you there for a stupendously fun ladies’ arm-wrestling experience and fundraiser!

Funds raised at LUEWWD IX: Nailin’ It! will go toward Habitat for Humanity of Durham’s 2013 Women Build. LUEWWD is hoping to bring fundraising and physical brawn to the project.

Contestants should get on board! Those who sign up soon will have extra time to come up with a great costume, build up both their arm muscles and entourage, help LUEWWD spread the word, and get moving with fundraising.  Let us know reallllllly soon if you’d like to participate! If you need help getting the creative juices flowing for your character or costume, check out previous events’ photos on this site or on Facebook. Or check out your competitors who have already signed up!

Want to donate your time and talents as a volunteer? We extend a warm welcome to anyone interested in helping us host these events; they simply couldn’t happen without our fantastic volunteers. Volunteer jobs include: admission, human/walking ATM, contestant round-up, bar service, merchandise and raffle ticket sales, and more. Tell us what you’d like to do at LUEWWD IX!

LUEWWD - Industrial Strength (4/20/13)

Want to be an event or contestant sponsor? THANK YOU for thinking of us! We can’t wait to talk to you. Please send an email to We have a few donation levels designated with various benefits, and, whenever possible, we incorporate sponsors into the event in creative ways. CheeringFans

You’ve probably caught the drift of this post by now… we want to hear from you! So email if you want to be involved as a contestant, volunteer or sponsor with LUEWWD IX: Nailin’ It!, and/or if you just want to know more about the League of Upper Extremity Wrestling Women of Durham.

Industrial Strength! The Results!

Thank you to everyone who attended LUEWWD VIII: Industrial Strength, a record-breaking fundraising event that benefited Liberty Arts and The Scrap Exchange. We’d like to share the results… and here’s a link to the photos and a VIDEO (a first!) of the event.

Total Money Raised: $10,082.

That breaks the previous record by more than $2,000! (not sure we say it enough how much we love our town and all of the people who support LUEWWD, the wrestlers and the beneficiaries — you are stupendous!)

Champion: Betty Rumble


Madame Moneymaker: Lotta Doe


Durham Diva: Trashley the Treasure Troll


Queen of the Losers: Kit “The Killer” Kellar


King of the Bucks: Lupa


Individual Contestant Fundraising Totals:

Lotta Doe: $1,343

Steel Magnolia: $1,064.10

Scrappy Sally: $602.85

Betty Rumble: $405.01

Lisa “Left Arm” Lopes: $198.50

Pippi Strongstockings: $162.15

Trashley the Treasure Troll: $104

Kit “The Killer” Kellar: $70


The Stage Crew: Hostess Marilyn Manho, Bouncer Rebecca/Sassy McKlassy, Round Boy Fur Pelton John and Round Girl Madame Muscle

The Judges: Mike Waller (representing Liberty Arts), Kaferine De Nerve and Robert Bland

The Volunteers, with a special thanks to Lupa (& co) from Liberty Arts and Jess (& co) from the Scrap Exchange for helping with both volunteer coordination and creation of an amazing outdoor venue. The event volunteers did everything from letting you into the main event and testing your luck with raffle ticket sales to counting your incredible donations and serving you drinks.

Sponsors and Donors

Twisted Tea/Boston Beer Company

Bull McCabe’s Irish Pub

The Casbah

MAYDNEW DJ and Event Planning


Jewelsmith (in support of Steel Magnolia)

Adorn Boutique

CrossFit Durham

Morgan Imports (in support of Lotta Doe)

Bull City Co-Working (in support of Lotta Doe)

Boy Scouts Troop 332 OLL (Raleigh)


Blend Cafe

The event space was provided courtesy of Cordoba Center for the Arts and Re-Use Warehouse.

Additional in-kind support came from The Rock Shop, Studio Xavier and Mr. Trim, Inc. (919.697.5076). Photographers BJ Council, Megan Morr, and Christine Nguyen also shared their talents in-kind.


Or would you like to just WATCH THE VIDEO?

[The sculpture shown in the featured image for this post was created by Tim Werrell. The artists at Liberty Arts each debuted a new piece in time for LUEWWD VIII and to commemorate the first anniversary of being in the new studio space.]

Pictures from LUEWWD VIII: Industrial Strength

Event results are posted HERE!

Would you like to watch the VIDEO (yep, a video!)? Thanks, Aiden Dillard!

The photos shown here were taken by BJ Council, Megan Morr and Christine Nguyen.


It’s Easy to be an Art Patron!

Please Note: As we get closer to the event, we wanted to remind everyone that we are a CASH ONLY event and there is not an ATM on site, so make sure to come prepared to donate with your dollar bills (or fives, or tens, or twenties…)! More details here and on our Facebook event page.
It’s time for us to fill you all in on some details about LUEWWD VIII: Industrial Strength. We’d like to dedicate this post to explaining more about how the event proceeds (a.k.a. your money!) will be used. As you may know, LUEWWD events benefit projects that help women and girls in the Durham community. Every beneficiary we’ve selected is either an organization that provides services exclusively to women and girls or one that has developed programming for them.


Liberty Arts and the Scrap Exchange will be sharing the funds raised at LUEWWD VIII.  This pair of organizations neighbor one another at the Cordoba Center for the Arts (located around the corner from Golden Belt). It’s an area buzzing with creativity and positive energy. The money we raise together will be used to develop the artistic and creative talents of girls and women in Durham who may not have access to such opportunities.LA-Logo3-300x83

More specifically, each organization will be using LUEWWD funds to support art classes for girls and women. Liberty Arts will be offering a range of classes like glass ornament making, life casting, ceramics, scratch mold bronze casting, and…drumroll….welding for women (age restrictions will be applied to some of the classes). The Scrap Exchange will expand existing programming by offering scholarships to women enrolled in community-based services to participate in a variety of courses offered in their Design Center.  This is just a little bit of information to pique your interest! We will be posting more information about these fabulous community programs in future blogs.The logo

As you might imagine, classes such as these are not inexpensive (the artists’ time, supplies, etc) and there are a lot of girls and women whose artistic talents haven’t been able to shine yet because they simply do not have the money to participate in opportunities like these. That’s where you come in! Every $100 dollars you raise will cover one scholarship for a workshop at Liberty Arts and every $55 you raise will provide one scholarship for a class at the Scrap Exchange. Fostering the creativity of women and girls in Durham-particularly those who don’t have this opportunity-is a great investment and we hope that you agree!

Join us at the Liberty Arts Warehouse in the Cordoba Center for the Arts (923 Franklin St behind Golden Belt) for LUEWWD VIII: Industrial Strength on April 20th! Doors open at 7:30pm and the event starts at 9:00pm! Other event details and a list of sponsors here!


Beauty and Strength



On Saturday, March 16th, the First Annual Durham Beard and Mustache Competition (FADB&MC) was a whirlwind of awesome, and LUEWWD was so grateful to be along for the ride. When Tracy Hancock, Christina Pelech and Gee Barger pitched the idea of “juxtaposing men judged on their beauty and women on their strength” we obviously thought it was the best idea since….well…ladies’ arm wrestling! Then, beyond our wildest dreams, Bull McCabe’s suggested they would make it a fundraiser for LUEWWD VIII’s beneficiaries Liberty Arts and Scrap Exchange.

Thanks to Bull McCabe’s (and its kind and patient staff), event coordinators Tracy, Christina, and Gee,  and the two great bands that book-ended the event Phatlynx and Pink Flag, LUEWWD was able to pass along a check from Bull McCabe’s for over $2,100 to the beneficiaries.

And we know that huge total didn’t just happen without interest from the community: we are thankful to everyone who attended as a competitor or a casual observer. We hope you had a fantastic time this weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday, April 20th for LUEWWD VIII: Industrial Strength! (Keep up with the event details on Facebook)

Regarding the beard and mustache competition itself, we’ll have to leave it to the experts on the topic to further expound on the technical terms related to all the “training” that must take place to achieve the phenomenal facial hair creations we saw on Saturday.

However, we can tell you all about the LUEWWD portions of the day. Marilyn Manho (we will let her amazing costume, shown below, speak for itself) took the lead for LUEWWD once again on the arm wrestling emceeing, along with FADB&MC’s Master of Ceremonies Gee Barger.

The LUEWWD contestants on the bracket were Ze Dirty Butcher (was it great to have a multi-time prize-winner back on the stage or what?!), Jackie “The Hammer” Henry Popeye the Slayer), and Lady Sky-Dive-A. The four contestants were raring to go, and Ref The Southpaw made sure they were safe while raising hell on one another.

Lady Sky-Dive-A soared through past Popeye the Slayer and Jackie “The Hammer” Henry to become the Arm-Wrestling Champion, but Popeye and Jackie both put up quite a fight. After a wee bit of hula-hooping from Popeye and Ze Dirty Butcher to end a stalemate, Popeye took the title of Queen of the Losers.  Jackie “The Hammer” Henry raised the most dollars from the crowd and received the prize for Madame Moneymaker (the prize was quickly swiped by an audience member for $50!).

Ze Dirty Butcher did not go home empty-handed, of course,… she was crowned winner of the Best Ladystache title from the main event!

Siva Yannapu's Lens Works

Siva Yannapu’s Lens Works

We can certainly not forget to acknowledge our last-minute addition of a “well-suited” Round Boy.


With the main competitions complete, audience members handed up dollars to see all sorts of wrestling combinations (e.g., friend vs. friend, mother vs. daughter, small and strong person vs. huge and strong person) and stalemate determinations were frequently made by hula-hooping and dance-offs, or the growing favorite… hula-dancing.

LUEWWD was honored to participate in the First Annual Durham Beard and Mustache Competition, and we are already looking forward to future shenanigans with Bull McCabe’s.

To see more fantastic pictures from the day check out the Durham Beard & Mustache group on Facebook or you can check out a sizeable sampling of photos in Ash Crowe’s album or Mark Schueler’s album or Siva Yannapu’s Lens Works album.

Brace Yourself for Impending Awesomeness…

LUEWWD VIII: Industrial Strength will take place on Saturday, April 20th!

We’re excited to be partnering with Liberty Arts and The Scrap Exchange for LUEWWD VIII and, since we’ve got a lot of lead time, we are looking forward to making this the most kick-ass event ever!

Contestants who join us soon will have extra time to come up with a great costume and build their entourage, help LUEWWD spread the word, and get moving with fundraising.  Most of the contestant slots have already been filled, though, so let us know SUPER-PRONTO if you’d like to participate!

Check out these sites to learn more about the beneficiaries: and We’ll be sharing more about each organization over the next couple of months.

Email if you want to be involved as a contestant, volunteer or sponsor!

Did you miss us?

Have you been missing us since LUEWWD VII: LUEWWD Science? Well, in addition to planning LUEWWD VIII (more details to come soon!), we’ve been spending our time doing ridiculous things for charity.

Just recently, LUEWWD and friends participated in the 2012 Asheville Idiotarod, a 5K Race of Awesome for charity, as the Dur-Ham Hos (see picture below). Every team consists of five costumed people somehow connected to a shopping cart running through Asheville, performing community service at the start of the race and then taking part in silly challenges (some real and some fake) the rest of the way. At any point, another team can attempt to hijack or disable your cart, or otherwise slow down your team. Doesn’t make sense yet? Definitely click on the link above for more details about the Idiotarod.

The Dur-Ham Hos’ competition was slowed down by a fake arm-wrestling challenge set up by some other LUEWWD folks. We had the official arm wrestling table with us and decided to trick runners into thinking they could get up to 2:30 off their final race times by arm-wrestling LUEWWD VII’s Champion Sporty Spartan and former Madame Moneymaker Little Big Red. Oh, and we also had other team members fill out a survey about ladies’ arm wrestling. *evil laugh*

Not only did the Dur-Ham Hos win the Terry Tate Award for the best sabotage (because every single team fell for our trickery), but we also donated the second highest number of canned goods. We didn’t get to bring any dollars back to Durham as we had hoped, but we have certainly made our mark on Asheville!

Thank you to Mike Lupa of Liberty Arts for fixing up our cart to look like a pig-roasting grill, and thank you to those who donated canned goods.

And one more thing! Did you hear the NPR piece about SuperCLAW featuring Durham’s Ze Dirty Butcher in October? If you missed it, here’s a link to the article and audio.