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Call for Contestants! We Want You!

Have you been thinking about ways to meet cool people in Durham?

Do you secretly wish that Halloween was more than once a year so you can find another reason to dress in costume?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk in Sylvester Stallone’s footsteps in “Over the Top”? (sorry, we can’t make that dream come totally true… “over the top” is an illegal move in arm-wrestling… we could photoshop you into a supercool monster truck!)

Do you want to be a multi-tasking wizard by simultaneously raising funds for your community and having a ton of fun with your friends?

Here’s a key question: Are you free on October 14, 2017?

LUEWWD XV (yes, 15) is coming up and we are looking for new contestants! This means that you (yes, YOU!) would put on a costume, hop on the stage, and arm wrestle to benefit a local nonprofit. And you get to pick four of your friends to be your official entourage. It’s that easy!

Absolutely NO EXPERIENCE is necessary. We’ll get more details to you if you’re interested. And you could check out our FAQs too.

Please contact us at

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Excerpt from poe-ster


LUEWWDstache: Beauty and the Brawn, part deux

This event has passed, but whoa — this awesome community of stache-donners and -lovers and arm wrestling fans helped raise $5,858 for Habitat for Humanity of Durham’s Women Build. Click here for pics of the event.


On April 30 from 2-5PM, LUEWWD is partnering again with Bull McCabe’s to bring you LUEWWDstache: Beauty and the Brawn, part deux. Proceeds from this event will benefit Habitat for Humanity of Durham’s Women Build.

This event is being sponsored by MAYDNEW DJ and Event Planning, Phunco, Durty Bull Brewing, William Travis Jewelry, NicholsonPham, Urban Durham Realty, Culture Hair Studio, Heather Garrett Interior Design and the Tranquility Company, and an additional anonymous donor. Additional in-kind donations have been provided by Adam & Eve, Carolina Beard Company, and the Scrap Exchange.

Join us for a Sunday Funday on the lawn where the beauty of men’s* beard and mustache competition meets the brawn of women’s* arm wrestling!

*A note about gender: LUEWWDstache is not HB(eard)2 and we are not policing your pants, just your whiskers – nuff said!

For the beauty portion, contestants will compete in the following categories. For the brawn, we will have four women wrestlers competing in an abbreviated LUEWWD bracket.

  1. In the LUEWWD, aka Au Naturale Leave your styling aids in your kit. It’s back to basics for these Au Naturale competitors. They can oil it, brush it, comb it, clean it, and condition it but don’t overdo it – the beauty of these facial coiffures is as natural as the feeling you get skinny dipping in the Eno.  
  2. The LUEWWD Coiffure, aka Styled and Secured A LUEWWDbush and a LUEWWDstache with some, let’s say, enhancements. Contestants can use styling aids to pump up and hold your curlies but no pins, barrettes, or extensions to give the extra boost.
  3. LUEWWD Fantasy, aka Facial Art Use your imagination to design either a realistic rendering of a beard and mustache or your fantasy facial art made out of the material you always wanted rubbing up against your cheeks.
  4. Best in Show, aka Shake the Moneymaker We will also choose Best in Show from the LUEWWDstaches and LUEWWDbushes in the contest. To win this most coveted prize, you need to be everyone’s favorite…and by that, we mean you need to earn the crowd’s dollars. The contestant with the most money raised by the end of the contestant will win!

Registration for beard and mustache is $10 in advance and $15 day of. Register here!

Interested in watching? Bring $5 and some friends!

Want to get involved or sponsor the event? Email

Meet young writer and brand new college student Natasha

Meet Natasha, get to know Partners for Youth Opportunity (PYO), and raise funds for PYO on October 15th at LUEWWD XIV: Double O LUEWWD, ladies’ arm-wrestling tournament for charity.


Writing my own happy ending

Additional thoughts from PYO Executive Director Julie Wells: “Natasha just headed off for college this week, texting staff the whole way. Her family rented a van to drive her to Wells College, where the PYO college counselor helped to secure financial aid and scholarships to help offset the cost of going to an out-of-state institution. Natasha wrote for the Durham VOICE for two years and this past summer interned at WUNC, reporting for Youth Voices radio.

I am really struck by this last editorial she wrote for the paper and the fact that she is experiencing this transition into to college with her family, stopping in DC along the way to see the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial for the first time…”

Proceeds from LUEWWD XIV will help PYO expand one of its core programs Girls Empowerment Project which covers cultural programming, leadership development opportunities and scholarships for girls. In addition to PYO’s client group being 65% girls, 62% of PYO families are led by single mothers. Often the involvement of one girl in the program leads to the involvement of a younger sibling or female cousins. PYO’s programming has a multigenerational impact on poverty and increases opportunity to level the playing field for many girls in Durham. YEAH!

P.Y.O. on center stage at LUEWWD XIV on Oct 15th

UPDATE: LUEWWD XIV: Double O LUEWWD was awesome! More than $7,500 was raised and will go towards Partners for Youth Opportunity’s Girls Empowerment Project. Thank you to everyone who attended. The contestants and entourages were incredible. Photos to be posted soon!

We are already having a blast planning LUEWWD XIV: Double O LUEWWD with its beneficiary Partners for Youth Opportunity (PYO). Click for event details and volunteer openings.

PYO exists to help Durham youth reach their educational and vocational potential through academic support, workforce training, mentoring and opportunities to connect with leadership and service learning.

(Look at this happy PYO crew!)


Proceeds from LUEWWD XIV will help PYO expand one of its core programs Girls Empowerment Project: cultural programming, leadership development opportunities and scholarships for girls. In addition to serving 65% girls, 62% of their families are led by single mothers. Often the involvement of one girl in the program leads to the involvement of a younger sibling or female cousins. PYO’s programming has a multigenerational impact on poverty and increases opportunity to level the playing field for many girls in Durham. YEAH!

(What a great mom-daughter pair pictured here with a lot to celebrate)momanddaughter

Like PYO on Facebook too!

Other posts related to PYO:

Meet young writer and brand new college student Natasha

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A few days away from LUEWWD XIII!

With just a few days to go before LUEWWD XIII: Rocky Horror LUEWWD Show which is benefiting Cribs for Kids Durham, here are some helpful tips and things we need you to know about the event…

Do check out the maps included here to show you how to get to Triangle Brewing Co and also where to park. When you get closer, look for signs and parking assistants to direct you. If there is a “no parking” sign by a tempting spot, do not park there!! Carpooling or cab/Uber/Lyfting is encouraged!

Triangle big map

triangle parking map

Do be prepared to have an awesome time in an environment that is welcoming to all.

Do be sure to get there early – we will be taking the stage right at 9:00 and you don’t want to be stuck in line when the action begins. Doors open at 8:00.

Do bring cash – this will cover your $5 admission fee, drinks, and any donations you want to make at the event.

Speaking of donations, do be ready for lots of people asking you for money – they may even give you something in return if you’re lucky.

Do feel free to dress in costume – let your inner Rocky Horror character out…and if you do, be prepared that we may ask you to come on stage and do the time warp with us

Do be aware that we are planning to have this as an outdoor event – dress appropriately in what you will feel comfortable in. We’ll update you if plans change but you should probably dress in layers anyway (what is up with the October weather?!).

Don’t bring chairs – this is going to be standing room only event, and besides you won’t see over everyone else around you if you try to sit

Don’t bring the props that you would usually take to Rocky Horror Picture Show screening…rice, toast, water guns, candles, etc. Believe us, there will be plenty of other fun going on!

Definitely don’t bring your judgey hat or your crabby pants. 😉

And the most important…Don’t bring outside alcohol – the location is not a traditional bar, but treat it as such. Triangle will be providing us with their delicious beer, we will have wine, and water for those not drinking alcohol

If we missed anything and you have questions, let us know. You can email We can’t wait to see you all Saturday!

Open Table Wrestling at LUEWWD XIII

If you’ve been to an event then you know our version of the 7th inning stretch is to showcase the might of our loyal audience by opening up the table to you all. We’re doing this a little differently this time. We’ve got 5 open table slots this time and they will be reserved for the highest bidders. You can reserve your spot in one of two ways:

1. Making a $100 donation on the online fundraising page prior to the event will guarantee you a slot (be sure to indicate “for open table” as the Name/Department)

Online fundraising page:

2. Wait until the night of the event…this one is for you if you are a risk taker…any available slots will go to the highest bidders

So get ready to challenge your friends, and remember we are always about safety first. Prior to getting up on stage each individual signed up will go through a brief training on how to arm wrestle!

Keep in mind that all of the rules that govern our contestants’ bouts will be applied to yours…which means you may need to brush up on your hula hooping, thumb wrestling, dancing, and lip-syncing in case you find yourself in a stalemate. But, you can always bribe the judges with a little green to help determine the outcome.

LUEWWD XIII all the details

The LUEWWD organizers have been busy lining up the details for LUEWWD XIII and with this event approaching fast, we’ve got four pieces of information we wanted to share with you.

First, the date! LUEWWD XIII will be on Saturday, October 3rd at 9:00 (doors open at 8:00)

Second, we’re moving! That’s right, we’ve literally grown out of our space at our faithful host venue, Social Games and Brews. So our friends at Triangle Brewing Company have offered to host LUEWWD XIII.

Third, the theme! Since this next event is our 13th and it’s in the month of October, we would like if we may, take you on a strange journey to… LUEWWD XIII: Rocky Horror LUEWWD Show. Those of you who remember life before cell phones and cable TV should remember this cult classic. Those of you who don’t know what we’re talking about, stay tuned for an opportunity to find out at a special film viewing event in September (details to follow!).


Fourth, the beneficiary! The most important detail and the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Cribs for Kids is the LUEWWD XIII beneficiary! Cribs for Kids Durham (a program of Welcome Baby operating with Durham County Cooperative Extension) provides new Pack ‘n Plays to families that do not have a safe place for their baby to sleep. Along with a new Pack ‘n Play, Cribs for Kids shares safe sleep strategies in an effort to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). The program relies on private donations, small community grants, and fundraising events to purchase Pack ‘n Plays. As they approach their 5th year of distribution they have raised nearly $40K and distributed over 500 new Pack ‘n Plays! We are so excited to partner with Cribs for Kids and Welcome Baby and hope that we can make a significant contribution to their already impressive 5-year fundraising efforts!

That is all for now!

Karaoke Machine? Paddle Boats? Smores?


Every dollar you contribute to QORDS via LUEWWD XII: Express Yourself goes far! Check out the list below…

Bring cash to the April 25th event to spend on a bunch of entertaining things or donate online ahead of the event! Oh, did we mention that emcee Marilyn Manho will be on stage again (this is her last LUEWWD hosting gig — MAJOR SAD FACE) and that special guest Vivica C. Coxx will be performing? This is gonna be amazing!!

Thank you!

 $650-sends a youth to camp for the week

$325- sends a youth to camp for half the week

$315-transports the youth from the campground to the music venue for their performance

$270-feeds a youth at camp the whole week

$70-pays for a karaoke machine for use at camp

$45- feeds a youth at camp for one day

$30- pays for one microphone for band practice

$30-pays for Dr. Drum beat-maker download for hip hop tracks

$20-pays for make-up, nail polish, and glitter for one camper

$15-covers the cost of craft supplies for one youth at camp

 $15-rents a paddleboat for one youth at camp

 $15- buys a pack of CDs to record camper songs at the end of the week

 $10-pays for a pair of drumsticks for one youth

 $10-pays for Smores at the campfire for one youth during camp

 $5- pays for a journal for a youth to write in at camp

 $5- buys a pack of guitar strings for one camper


Poster graphic courtesy of

Introducing XII’s Beneficiary Q.O.R.D.S.

LUEWWD XII: Express Yourself will take place on April 25th at Social Games and Brews in Durham. Not only will Marilyn Manho be our hostess again but we’ll also have Vivica C. Coxx as a special guest!! Event proceeds will be going to Q.O.R.D.S. to fund camp scholarships for female-identified Durham youth (ages 12-17). (event details)

$650 covers a camper’s tuition for a week-long overnight summer camp for queer youth or youth of queer parents. This year the camp is taking place August 2-7 at Haw River Summit in Brown’s Summit, North Carolina. We’re hoping that LUEWWD XII will help raise funds for a BUNCH of scholarships for these great young people. Click here for a list of other great experiences for the campers your dollars could purchase!

And, since the theme of the next LUEWWD is to express yourself, here’s a video produced by Q.O.R.D.S. (with KiQ) showing the campers’ important (and fun) experiences.

If you would like to contribute to Q.O.R.D.S. through the upcoming LUEWWD event, you can make a donation at any time. If you have a favorite wrestler, you can contribute to their campaign for Madame Moneymaker!

fundraising landing page

We’ve been having a blast putting together LUEWWD XII with the QORDS organizers and hope you can be a part of the fun, too!




More about QORDS

More about LUEWWD

LUEWWD X Delivered $9,000+ to Durham Connects!

Every Sunday following a LUEWWD event, the organizers and other LUEWWD family members gather in the morning to clean up the venue, piece together the night before, and then relive the event highlights over brunch. Needless to say, as we sipped our mimosas and bloody marys at Alivia’s this past Sunday, there were plenty of moments of unstoppable laughter and lots of talk about what a fun and successful night it was. Thank you to everyone who made it happen! Pictures are just a click away!


And if we polled LUEWWD fans and asked what images will forever be burned in their collective memory from LUEWWD X: We Deliver!, we’re pretty sure they’d say the same things we did. Here are a few:

  •  The bedazzled baby bottle brassiere donned by emcee Marilyn Manho and her glittered diaper skirt that she sold for a donation of $200
  •  The awkward gesticulations of It’s Pat who was flanked by iconic Saturday Night Live characters
  •  The moment when Lady Arm-A-Geddon dropped to her knee to present her husband with her heart (literally, the rubber bloodied heart around her neck) to show her appreciation for the $500 donation he made to support her in honor of their wedding anniversary (ladies and gentleman, eat your hearts out)
  •  The tousled armpit hairs of La French Wrestle-lution as she rode in on the shoulders of her entourage members and strutted her stuff on stage
  •  The stiletto-booted Belle Dominique Tryst whipping her caged entourage with her cat o’nine tails
  •  The menacing Inmate 27701 in her orange jumpsuit glaring at opponents and showing off her “guns” all the while under the watchful eye of Officer Fur Pelton John
  • Death Knight donning chainmail and slaying dragons on the stage
  •  Referee Sassy McKlassy calling the shots at the table and not bending to the pressure from Inmate 27701’s legal counsel
  • “Doc” from Sponsor Triangle Brewing Co. raising funds from the crowd to match his pledge toward an open table match between brewer Vicky and two-time former contestant LeeAnn
  •  The $100 donation to see the Baby Hands wrestle a hand puppet beaver
  •  The thrashing about of Heavy Metal Mama and her head-banging entourage
  • Sponsor MAYDNEW keeping it fresh for the many, many, many dance-offs that kept being selected by the Stalemate Wheel
  •  The time when judge Robert Bland announced that fellow judge Kaferine de Nerve (of the Beaver Queen Pageant) wanted the crowd to stuff her beaver with dollars (referring, of course, to her hand puppet beaver named Pat)
  •  Judge Really Ruby awarding the beneficiary contestant representative, Jolly Gestational Giant, an enormous check for the Madame Moneymaker award

If you were there, you will remember these moments (and others that are literally too lewd report). If you weren’t there, close your eyes and imagine these antics and then imagine yourself in the first row sitting next to the three-time LUEWWD Champion Monster Cookie, taking it all in, and watching wadded-up bills fall at the feet of Lady Trauma who sometimes taunted the crowd for more.

LUEWWD X will go down in the history books as the first one in which half of the wrestlers were in the four-figure club, each raising more than $1,000.

And our volunteers played a substantial role in the fundraising success, as well, by presenting several creative and convenient ways for the audience to part with their dollars, and providing an organized and safe environment in which to do that. A special thanks goes out to volunteers who were willing to jump in whenever and wherever we needed to keep things rolling smoothly.

After all was said and done, It’s Pat took home the LUEWWD Championship belt, Belle Dominique Tryst clinched the Durham Diva award (best costume and entourage), and Jolly Gestational Giant was awarded Madame Moneymaker for raising the most funds for Durham Connects. And we can’t overlook our Queen of the Losers Heavy Metal Mama who donned a special handcrafted adult-sized baby bonnet and a baby bottle wand.

Most importantly, LUEWWD and Durham raised $9,101 for Durham Connects, bringing the total amount raised from LUEWWD events to $59,427!!

Stay tuned for a post announcing the date for the Fall LUEWWD event.


Contestant fundraising totals

Jolly Gestational Giant: $2,218

Inmate 27701: $1,648

Lady Arm-A-Geddon: $1,630

It’s Pat: $1,020

Heavy Metal Mama: $353

Death Knight: $293

Belle Dominique Tryst: $221

La French Wrestle-lution: $217


Event Sponsors

Social Games and Brews

Triangle Brewing Co.

MAYDNEW DJ and Event Planning


El Dorado (Sponsoring contestant It’s Pat!)

Parker & Otis (Sponsoring contestant Jolly Gestational Giant!)


Rock’s Barbershop 


Sponsorship-level contributions from local businesses arriving the night of the event included donations from Carolina Outreach and Hamilton Hill

And thank you to raffle prize donors Burning Coal Theatre Company for donating two season tickets for three shows in its 2014/15 season and to Fitness World for donating a one-month membership.

Also, another big thank you to Liberty Arts (especially Lupa!) for sharing their stage platforms with us and helping us get them ready for the event space and to Mike “Captain Redbeard” Minervini for being the official photographer for LUEWWD X.