LUEWWD XI: First in Fight (Photography by BJ Council and Mike Minervini)

LUEWWD X: We Deliver! (Photography by Mike Minervini)

LUEWWD IX: Nailin’ It! (Photography by BJ Council and Megan Morr)

LUEWWD VIII: Industrial Strength (Photography by BJ Council, Scott Julian, Megan Morr and Christine Nguyen)

First Annual Durham Beard and Mustache Competition featuring LUEWWD

LUEWWD VII: LUEWWD Science (Photography by BJ Council)

LUEWWD VI: March BADness (Photography by BJ Council)

LUEWWD V: Ghouls Gone Wild (Photography by BJ Council)

LUEWWD IV: A Call to Arms (Photography by BJ Council and Megan Morr)

LUEWWD III: Bleeding Hearts, Broken Parts (Photography by BJ Council, Brad Horn and Coburn Dukehart)

LUEWWD II: The Bitch is Back (Photography by BJ Council and Ann Oshel)

LUEWWD I: Inaugural Event  (Photography by Ann Oshel)