LUEWWD: Parading at Pride

We LUEWWD women feel the need to confess a little secret to you all: while we love organizing these events and watching 8 gutsy gals fight for bragging rights and homemade prizes that totally rock, arm wrestling tournaments are simply the means to satisfy our penchant for advocacy. Seriously. This fall we decided to expand …


The end of the summer is here- which means the days will get shorter, the temperatures might drop and LUEWWD board members return to their favorite table at the James Joyce to begin planning for LUEWWD II. There are two big dates coming up that you should mark on your calender. 

LUEWWD on Bob and the Showgram!

There may be plenty of people out there who have never heard of LUEWWD and frankly don’t quite understand the concept of costumed women parading through a crowd of hootin’ and hollerin’ fans in order to arm wrestle for a belt made out of plastic and vinyl (although they would be seriously underestimating how cool …

So Much to Tell You

Since the last update we have been very busy beavers (speaking of beavers, please check out for information on the upcoming Beaver Queen Pageant on June 5th). Instead of giving you the play by totally-exciting-play, we’ve broken it down into the following tasty bits of news:

The First Official Board Meeting

The thought of a board meeting conjures up feelings of anxiety, the smell of stale air, and the monotonous drone of Robert’s Rules of Order. LUEWWD Board meetings aren’t really like that. This one smelled like Italian sausage and garlic bread and tasted like Two-Buck-Chuck’s Cabernet. The only anxious one in the room was Shevy …