The end of the summer is here- which means the days will get shorter, the temperatures might drop and LUEWWD board members return to their favorite table at the James Joyce to begin planning for LUEWWD II. There are two big dates coming up that you should mark on your calender.  Read more

Our First Event

While we had no idea what to expect, we certainly didn’t expect this. The beer garden at the James Joyce was packed with people and it was nearly impossible to move through the crowd. People crowded the DJ tent and others were standing on top of the picnic tables trying to get a view of the women arm wrestling on stage. There was a nurse wielding a giant syringe, an octopus flanked by 7 sea creatures, a growling monster in chains, and some provocatively dressed women (ok, I guess we expected that). The contestants remained in character and the night picked up momentum with every bout. Read more

Sizing up the competition

You never know what you might get when you put the call out for women arm wrestlers. But we’re pretty fond of the ladies we wrassled up for this inaugural event. We’re also impressed with the cast of characters (judges, Dj, MC, and the ref) and think you will be too! We had our run through last night at the Joyce and it’s already heating up. We heard a little trash talking (Namely, we heard Pulpo Feroz say she’s going to take all three prizes). We watched as Bama Banger and a couple of others came pretty close to taking down Dirty D (who has only been beaten by dudes) in the practice rounds. Read more

LUEWWD on Bob and the Showgram!

There may be plenty of people out there who have never heard of LUEWWD and frankly don’t quite understand the concept of costumed women parading through a crowd of hootin’ and hollerin’ fans in order to arm wrestle for a belt made out of plastic and vinyl (although they would be seriously underestimating how cool the belt is). Thanks to Bob and the Showgram, there are less of those people. If you happened to be tuned in this morning (Wednesday, June 2nd) to 105.1 between 8 and 9 you would have heard just a few of the LUEWWD women on the radio: Read more

So Much to Tell You

Since the last update we have been very busy beavers (speaking of beavers, please check out for information on the upcoming Beaver Queen Pageant on June 5th). Instead of giving you the play by totally-exciting-play, we’ve broken it down into the following tasty bits of news: Read more

Ode to Poe

While it’s true that simple things do amuse us, absolutely amazing things really shine us on.  Take this poster for example. All we really wanted was someone with artistic talents to take a shot at sketching us a logo and maybe even a poster. Read more

We’re stepping it up- and hope you will too!

There’s something magical that happens every time LUEWWD’s board gets together: we get things done. We actually accomplish quite a lot despite distractible personalities, side bar conversations, and those attention-sucking iPhones. Read more

LUEWWD Names and Website Woes

If the contestants get to make up names, why can’t we? It seems fitting, besides you never know when you’ll have to jump in the ring in a pinch. I wouldn’t dream of doing that without a stage name. So we spent the tail end of our meeting coming up with names for each other. Here are the ones that weren’t too luewwd for the website: Ginger Snapps, Dirty D, Knuck If You Buckeye, Ferocious Hare, Van Diesel, and….I can’t tell you Shevy’s. She’ll reveal it at the next board meeting.

In other news…we are close to confirming the recipient organization. Once we do you’ll be the first to know!

Lastly, the website is a real pain! Dirty D and I can’t seem to figure it out. So if you’re a WordPress guru and you feel embarrassed for us when you look at this website then offer your assistance- gratis of course.

The First Official Board Meeting

The thought of a board meeting conjures up feelings of anxiety, the smell of stale air, and the monotonous drone of Robert’s Rules of Order. LUEWWD Board meetings aren’t really like that. This one smelled like Italian sausage and garlic bread and tasted like Two-Buck-Chuck’s Cabernet. The only anxious one in the room was Shevy and that’s only because she wanted the meeting to be over before The Office (understandably, Pam and Jim were finally having the baby). But we did have some semblance of order- we had an agenda.

The first order of business was to write our Mission Statement. Since the concept is simple, we thought the mission should be too. Jana did some wordsmithing and whittled it down to one sentence (you’ll have to click on the link to see it!). We then made some other key decisions: Yes, we will get some T-shirts made. No, we don’t need a butt-judge.

We also decided to keep our fundraising local and perhaps focus on domestic violence services. However, there was a discussion about the mixed message we send when the physical domination of one arm wrestler over another is our vehicle for raising those funds (if you care to share your opinion please leave a comment. We need to make a decision so Sara can carry out her philanthropic duties). In other news, Shevy plans to estimate the costs of construction and compare it to the portable, pop-up, arm-wrastlin’ table that Dirty found. More importantly, we confirmed the date for the big day: June 12th. And the James Joyce, one of our favorite local haunts, will be hosting us (the Board would also like to mention that the Joyce has earned more cool points by hosting Fish Fry Fridays during Lent. So get out there and eat fish!).

We also spent a good deal of time talking about the style of the LUEWWD bracket. We still need to research this a little more, but we are toying around with the idea of allowing a limited number of “walkups” in addition to the registered contestants. Just a thought. We’ll bat it around at our next Board meeting.

We ended the Board meeting with a good old fashioned arm wrestling match I can’t tell you who won, but those fist pumping fools in the background should have put some money down on.

If you think you might be interested in joining the cause (to wrestle, volunteer, or raise funds) please let us know.

Dirty’s Vision

Like every good idea this one was marinated in Bourbon and cooked around a dinner table. “So I read this article in the Washington Post…” Dirty began, “Arm wrestling. Women’s arm wrestling. Leagues are popping up across the country to raise funds for different causes. The best part is, the contestants get to dress up in crazy costumes and parade around with a posse of supporters. Who’s in?”

Who’s in? That seemed to be a rhetorical question. We immediately began reorganizing letters to come up with a catchy acronym. We passed up some beauties- DRAWL, LAWD, and my personal favorite D’LAW. Fortunately, the medically minded people in the room translated the word “arm” to “upper extremity” and we quickly came up with LUEWWD. League of Upper Extremity Wrestling Women of Durham.

Once we had a name the rest seemed easy so we left Shevy’s house and headed to the bar where we could get some strategizing done. Once at Alivia’s we defined our roles: Dirty was the visionary, Shevy was the mastermind of construction, Sara was clearly the philanthropist, Em was handling the media and publicity, I was doing the development work, and Jana (who was there in spirit) was going to help secure a venue. We also started secretly volunteering other friends to either compete or to help out in some way. Shevy started researching dimensions of the arm wrestling table (and championship belt…WWF style), Sara and Em split a Manhattan to get the creative juices flowing, while Dirty and I discussed dates, making sure to consider our group’s annual pilgrimage to Charlotte for the NASCAR race.

By the end of the night we had dates, tasks, next steps, and a list of names to contact (yours may be on it). These details will follow shortly, so be sure to keep checking out the blog.

Get excited. Get involved. More importantly, get ready for some upper extremity wrestling!