Our Community Partners

How do you choose the community partner?

We look for nonprofits that benefit women and girls in the Durham community. Once we have a few suggestions we research, discuss and vote. We’re always looking for new community  partners so if you have ideas please let us know by emailing luewwd@gmail.com! If the organization has a website and/or you know of a contact person, please include this info in your email.

LUEWWD Community Partner Organizations:

In addition to those partners listed below, a number of organizations in the area have worked with us on product drives for in-kind donations like personal hygiene products and diapers.

Child S.A.F.E./Darkness to Light

Cribs for Kids, a program of Welcome Baby operated by Durham County Cooperative Extension

Durham Connects

Durham Crisis Response Center (click for an update from the nonprofit partner)

Durham First In Families

“In October 2014, your organization put on an incredible event that raised over $8,000 for the Durham Chapter of First In Families of North Carolina. Since then, your efforts to raise money for our organization have had an incredible impact on the women and girls we serve. Many lives have been touched and we cannot thank you enough for choosing us as the organization you would raise money for.” – Bryce Coleman, Family Support Director and Lifeline Project Director for First In Families of NC

Engineering World Health/Girls Engineering Change (click for an update from the nonprofit partner)

Girls Rock NC

Habitat for Humanity of Durham (2013 Women Build and 2017 Women Build)

“For Habitat for Humanity of Durham, partnering with LUEWWD was a new opportunity to connect with a wonderful local community for an event that was unique, fun and very successful. LUEWWD organizers were extremely committed to our mission of serving deserving future homeowners. They were well organized and detail oriented. Providing a Habitat staff member as a contestant only added to the magic of the evening and enhanced our team’s commitment to the event. On our side, we introduced an online fundraising tool to LUEWWD that helped significantly exceed our goal. We consider this partnership a huge success and look forward to working together again on an ongoing basis.” – Jenn McFarland, Volunteer Coordinator, Habitat for Humanity of Durham

Housing for New Hope

InStepp Inc.

LGBTQ Center of Durham

Liberty Arts

“We are happy to announce that many of the women that have taken classes with the scholarship monies you helped us raise last year at [LUEWWD VIII:] Industrial Strength are going to be exhibiting works and journal entries about their experience of taking art classes with the Liberty Arts group [in April 2014]. Many of these women are caretakers that give so much to others and have no time for themselves; others have never experienced such things like welding and casting metals, glass blowing and plasma cutting and most likely may have never had the opportunity  at such and experience if it was not for these scholarship funds.

Many of these students are women of color who when first entering our loud abrasive sculpture studio where machines and tools are ear piercing and intimidating were shy and withdrawn.  As the classes progressed, these women began to feel empowered by not only the hands on instruction but also by their own inner artistic abilities allowed to flow freely, unlimited, unhindered.  They were able to put their own lives  on hold for a few hours and be part of something bigger:  a supportive community of artists. Learning and growing and sharing ideas and knowledge.

The LUEWWD organization has helped women just like these talented artistic ladies in exploring their abilities and breaking boundaries that they would not have been able to if it weren’t for the awesome efforts the LUEWWD organization put forth to make things like this happen for others.

We have had close to 80 students of all colors and ages attend our classes and we can not thank you enough for helping be able to do this.” – Lupa, Studio Xavier

Partners for Youth Opportunity (PYO) 

Queer Oriented Radical Days of Summer (Q.O.R.D.S.)

“This is going to be QORDS’ most successful year and [LUEWWD is] playing a major role in that. The mission of QORDS is so incredibly important and we are going to be able to give our services to so many more youth because of [the $7,800 raised]. Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!” – Susie Williams, QORDS volunteer and LUEWWD contestant SkullCrusher

Schoolhouse of Wonder (click for an update from the nonprofit partner)

The Scrap Exchange

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