Our Sponsors

Sponsors for LUEWWDstache: Beauty and the Brawn, part deux (April 30, 2017; event details here)

MAYDNEW DJ and Event Planning


Durty Bull Brewing

William Travis Jewelry


Urban Durham Realty

Culture Hair Studio

Heather Garrett Design

The Tranquility Company

Additional in-kind contributions are being made by Adam & Eve, Carolina Beard Company and the Scrap Exchange!


If you would like to collaborate with us for future events, please contact us at sponsor@luewwd.com

We are so grateful to our sponsoring businesses and organizations. They literally make our events possible (in the actual, proper use of the term “literally”). We encourage you to visit their websites and check out their products and services.

Bloodsport II: We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Box (January 2017) auction and raffle donors:

140 Salon, A go-go Salon, Barbarellas, Beanpeace Roastery, Blu Seafood, Bullseye Bicycle, Carolina Theatre, Chelsey Robertson, Chet Miller, Cocoa Cinnamon, Monster Cookie, Cozy, Dirty Durham, Elmo’s Diner, Geer St. Garden, King’s Daughter’s Inn Bed & Breakfast, Letters Bookshop, Lo + Behold, Oval Park Grille, The Parlour, Rock’s Barbershop, Rock Paper Scissors, Tilthy Rich Compost Service, The Tranquility Company and Vaguely Reminiscent

Full List of LUEWWD Event Sponsors and Contributors:

Active Edge Fitness and Performance (IX)

Adorn Boutique (VIII)

Ad Spice (IV, VI)

Affordable Jewelry & Pawn (XI – in support of Sister Mary Catherine McPain)

Alivia’s Durham Bistro (XI – in support of Dawn of the Dead)

Beaver Queen Pageant (I)

Blue Note Grill (XIII)

Boston Beer Company (Sam Adams & Twisted Tea; VI, VII, VIII, IX)

Boy Scouts Troop 332 (Raleigh) (VIII)

Bull City Co-Working (VIII – in support of Lotta Doe)

Bull City Woodworks (XIII)

Bull McCabe’s Irish Pub (VIII)

Bull City Crossfit (XIV)

Burger Bach (XIII – Raffle prize donor)

Burning Coal Theater Company (X – Raffle prize donor)

Carrabba’s (XIII – Raffle prize donor)

The Casbah (II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX)

Center Studio Architecture (XI – in support of Dawn of the Dead)

The Cookery (V)

Cordoba Center for the Arts (VIII)

BJ Council (Photographer; II, III, IV, V, VI, SuperClaw, VII, VIII, IX, XI, XII, XIII, XIV)

Courtney F. Cawley Photography (Photographer; XIII)

CrossFit Durham (VIII)

Culture Hair Studio (LUEWWDstache)

Durty Bull Brewing (LUEWWDstache)

El Dorado (X – in support of It’s Pat!)

The Federal (XI – in support of Dawn of the Dead)

Fitness World (X – Raffle prize donor)

Heather Garrett Design (LUEWWDstache)

James Joyce Irish Pub (I, II, III, IX – After Party Host and Donor, XI – in support of Dawn of the Dead)

Jewelsmith (VIII – in support of Steel Magnolia)

Kocina Food Truck (XI)

Lagunitas Brewing Company (XIV)

Liberty Arts Sculpture Studio and Foundry (X, XI)

Locopops (IX, X)

Massage Envy (XIII – Raffle prize donor)

Mattie B’s (XIII – Raffle prize donor)

MAYDNEW DJ and Event Planning (I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV, LUEWWDstache)

Millennium Sports Club (XI)

Morgan Imports (VIII – in support of Lotta Doe)

Megan Morr (Photographer; IV, VIII, IX)

Mike “Captain Redbeard” Minervini (Photographer; X, XI)

Moshi Moshi (VI, SuperCLAW, VII)

Mr. Trim, Inc. (919.697.5076) (VIII)

National Pawn (XI – in support of Sister Mary Catherine McPain)

Natty Greene’s Brewing Co. (IV, V)

Christine Nguyen (Photographer; VIII)

NicholsonPham (LUEWWDstache)

Oscar Oglethorpe (XII – in support of Agent Skull Crusher)

Oval Park Grille (XII – in support of Agent Smolder)

Pabst Blue Ribbon (I, II, III)

Parker & Otis (X – in support of Jolly Gestational Giant)

Phunco (I, II, III, IV, V, SuperCLAW, VI, VIII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV, LUEWWDstache)

Re-Use Warehouse (VIII)

Rock Paper Scissors Salon and Gallery (IX – in support of Rocky Scissher)

The Rock Shop (VIII)

Rock’s Barbershop (X)

Social Games and Brews (X, XI, XII)

Studio Xavier (VIII)

Toast (X)

The Tranquility Company (XI, XIII, LUEWWDstache)

Triangle Brewing Co. (Sponsor and raffle prize donor; X, XI, XII)

Urban Durham Realty (LUEWWDstache)

Vaguely Reminiscent (XIII – raffle prize donor)

William Travis Jewelry (XI – in support of Dawn of the Dead; XIV; LUEWWDstache)

ZoBo’s Seriously Cute Coutur (XI-in support of Dawn of the Dead)